Edit: find the recipe here!

Even if the leaves outside my window never change colors and drop to the sidewalk below, it's definitely a new season around here. And to celebrate, I'm forcing fall into our hearts in a bunch of little ways:
Creamy pumpkin + shrimp soup for a cozy evening meal. Salad with cranberries + walnuts. Warm toasted rolls seasoned with rosemary. Yum.


Fairlightday said...

Where've you been Jess? We sure are missing you!

Danielle said...

That soup sounds amazing! I hope it was as delicious as it looks. Did you use a recipe?

Sara Christine said...

Ooo post the recipe! I have some frozen shrimp I need to use and that soup looks DELISH!

Chelle said...

oh that looks and sounds so delish...oh and just wanted to say that I have been missing your posts lately...but then, I am no one to talk.