sign of the summer dinner party

This weekend we hosted a fun little dinner party with our friends Becca & Andy. I was tickled to have an excuse to whip out my cheery coral cloth napkins + bling beaded rings. This set was one of those things on our wedding registry at Crate & Barrel...You know, the things you are convinced that you absolutely need in order to set up your happy home. One of those things you delightedly unwrap, unpack, then tuck away for months & months & months. But nevertheless, I'm just as excited about having them as the day I went bar code scanner-happy when registering for them. I simply love the idea of cloth napkins. They add so much class + cheer to the table. Especially for me, a sub-mediocre cook. It's the perfect way to make guests feel welcomed and honored, even when the artichokes are served a bit too hard and the steak {accidentally} is very well-done.


Leslie said...

summer bbq's. is it that time already, completely delightfull with coral napkins to boot.... so so very fun!

Cottage Mommy said...

Cloth napkins...yes, I aspire to them. I have a friend who I think uses them at every meal. She has kids too. Her Mom did this. It does bring a bit of class and loveliness to the table. If I use cloth napkins do I need to turn the t.v. off during dinner?

kt mac said...

These are lovely! I was on another blog the other day and came across these yummy screen printed napkins by Michelle Brusegaard http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=12451424
hooray for pretty tables :)

btw I got a Nikon D80!! I love, LOVE love it.. now I've just got to learn how to use all those features :) camera course here we come.
Thanks for your help!