a mile in my shoes

I do believe that the rhetoric of my last post merits a bit of explanation...It's not that I hate my size 9 feet. I love my feet. They get me everywhere I need to be. They don't give me too much trouble except after torturing + standing on them for 12 long hours at work, then walking a mile or so on my way home when the bus just isn't frequent enough for my impatient soul. My feet are nice. I simply couldn't live without them. What I meant by "where in the world can I find these {sandals} in my giant size 9..." was simply that none of the great online stores I googled (Zappos, Piperlime, Nordstrom, etc.) carried the sandals in gold AND in my size. I was desperate to own these sandals and wondered if anyone could help me track a pair down. That's when I realized I needed to post my size in order to elicit your help. And that's when the words embarrassingly giant slipped in. But you know, life is good. In the end, this has been much ado about nothing. I ordered them in black AND in my size. They arrived yesterday (so fast!) from Zappos, and I am in love. They are like a party for my feet. To celebrate my very normal, reliable, nice feet.


Casey said...

i bet the black ones look so good. i like that tile in the picture... we want to put that in our bathrooms, one day... :)

kt mac said...

these are gorgeous shoes!

Ooh and I found the recipe to your vanilla chai lattes in your recipe archives and I am SO excited!!
Yummy! It’s so cold, windy and rainy here at the moment it is just what we need :D

McCafe makes really good Chai Lattes over here and sometimes we will take our youth group there after youth and theres always soemone with a chai latte – they have actually christened them ‘liquid doughnuts’ hehe

Leslie said...

ohhh cute, and no complaining here, just a little jealous... :)

so fun to get new sparkles for the feet.

Joanna Goddard said...

i wear a 10 and my twin sis wears an 11! :)