love: learning

The City College of San Francisco's Fall 2008 Course Catalog arrived in our mailbox approximately 2 weeks ago. Jeff had requested it online, because he's thinking of taking some film classes there. I instantly threw it in that infamous point-of-no-return heap of mail on the kitchen counter. Then, in a serendipitous turn of events last Thursday night, after hiking and BBQing with my friend Sarah, the topic of Spanish classes arose in convo and we curiously flipped through its pages. That's when I discovered the magic. There's no turning back. I've inked giant stars on nearly every page next to each and every class in which I dream of enrolling. Simply for my own personal enrichment. I am giddy.

And for just $20/credit (this school's almost entirely subsidized by the city!), I do believe I might take them all:

ARCH 18 Residential Interior Design

DSGN 101 Design Fundamentals

ART 150A Fine Arts Printmaking

FIN 136 Intro to Financial Planning

GRPH 92 Letterpress Printing

GRPH 140 Graphic Design for Web

MUS 7C Cello

PHOT 55 Color Theory of Photography

PE 535 Ballroom Dance

RF 85 Intro to Flower Arranging

TX 150 Sew-it-All Workshop

HM202 Upholstery Workshop: Dining Room Chairs

{And my personal favorite:}

FW 141 Heart of the Matter: Cook with Artichokes

I am feeling waay too excited about the prospect of dashing back to class. Funny how 1 year ago I was in a rush to kiss school goodbye. Now I'm trying to manipulate my sched to squeeze a few of these in! Learning. Isn't it marvelous? Exposure to new things, fresh ideas, quenching your thirst for knowledge and satiating your every interest? Exhilarating.

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Just for you?


Casey said...

oh wow, all of those sound so great!!! san fran is so cool!!! i don't think there is many of those classes here... but, you got me thinking, and i will check!

Fairlightday said...

Wow! I would love to take a lot of those too! Now, if only I could find a babysitter. :) I hope you get to take as many as you wish. Learning is an amazing thing and the desire to always be learning more is very strong. I love it. Have fun!

sylv said...

Lucky girl!

It just so happened that I just signed up for Digital Photography 1at the City Colleges of Chicago....but I didn't pay a lucky $20, their courses start at $25. I paid $65 for my course.

Anonymous said...

Did you ever get to take any of these?