*disappearing marshmallow bars*

In the past I've shared a few exceptionally yummy recipes around here...But for the sake of spicing things up, I thought it'd be fun to introduce my kitchen adventures as a {hopefully} weekly {realistically} monthly feature. So today, in addition to a batch of these delectable bars, I whipped up a 4x6 recipe card just for you! In case you're curious to taste this for yourself, you can click the image above to enlarge it, save it, and print it out for your collection!

Today I had a chance to hang out in my kitchen for awhile--something I wish I did a little more often these days. And it's a good thing I had a little free time, because it took me two tries + two desperate phone calls home to get this one right! {Shhh...} But don't be intimidated by my blunder. It's simple, I promise! This recipe is one of my mom's signature sweets, so I just needed her wisdom to clarify my scribbled copy and refine it for sharing.1. Melt butter +butterscotch chips2. Mix dry ingredients, vanilla, + egg. Then pour in butterscotch + butter. Mix some more.

3. Fold in the best parts: marshmallows + chocolate + nuts.4. Enjoy this golden, rich, indulgence!

*Tip: For extra goodness, double the recipe & bake in a 9x13 pan*


Krissy said...

yum! Thanks for sharing this lovely recipe- and the fantastic photos :)

Sara Christine said...

Mmm. Always looking for exciting new recipes for baked goods. I will definitely give this a try. LOVE marshmallows!

Morgan said...

Okay, these just sound DELICIOUS. I must try!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! :)

Secondstreetdesigns said...

that looks super yummy. I think i will have to stop at the grocery store tomorrow!