happy may day!

Aww, May Day. Such a sweet little holiday. Why don't we celebrate you anymore? I have the best memories of making homemade May baskets with candy & flowers, running around the neighborhood, placing them on my friends' doorsteps, ringing the bell, and running away. So much fun! I never did get to play with a maypole. I imagine that I'd have just as much nostalgia for such an event!


Shannon (Swell) said...

hi there, im de-lurking...i love your fun pics...but i have to admit, i've never even heard of may day. apparently i live under a rock b/c this is like the 5th time i've heard about it today! oh well, just thought i'd say hi!


Krissy said...

aw! what a great photo. i miss may day too. we need to bring it back!