pottery painting

Last weekend, I went pottery painting at Petroglyph (for the first time!) in what was a much-needed girls day o' fun. The concept is simple: You show up, pick a piece of bisque (formed but unglazed pottery), bring your own treats (next time we'll remember the wine!), and make the piece your own. You can paint anything from salt&pepper shakers, to enormous platters, to garden gnomes! It just costs $9.99 for the studio fee and then you pay for any and all pieces you paint. I know these sort of places have been around since 1990-something, but I am just now addicted. I couldn't stop after just one bowl; I made the nacho platter too! The only bummer is that you have to wait a few days for them to fire your pieces. I can't even wait to see how everyone's turn out!


Casey said...

we have something similar here, called Mad Potter! I haven't done it in awhile... can't wait to see the final piece!

rinse*repeat said...

Jess, I've been a blog lurker for months, but couldn't hold back my excitement that someone else loves pottery painting as much as me! Sadly, Eau Claire is rather void of pottery painting opportunities!

Nacho platters have never looked so classy :)

Love your blog!

Fairlightday said...

That looks like oh so much fun! Please take pictures when you get the finished pieces back! BTW, I adore the polka dots! :)