perfect saturday

Today is one of those perfect Saturdays. I love the rare mornings we can actually enjoy together... Sleeping in. French toast+bacon+fresh succulent strawberries for breakfast. Warmest day in San Francisco I've ever experienced. Am wearing a t-shirt and capris. Fancy that! And by some sudden twist of fate which I have yet to process, the sofa of our dreams arrived at our door at 10:00am. We weren't expecting it until after 11, but it's prompt, unannounced arrival was fitting after the whirlwind experience of selecting it. Most normal people spend months hunting for the perfect sofa, then double the length of time as they wait for it to be manufactured and delivered. Not so for us--We've had our eyes on this sofa for approximately two weeks. At first we resigned ourselves to the possibility of purchasing it, thinking that it was too huge for our apartment and too wide for our doorways. Then within a week's time we learned we could bring it in on its back after all, with a mere 0.5 inches to spare. Saturday we learned that one of our choice fabrics was on mega sale, but with limited quantities remaining. Sunday we sped back to Pottery Barn and made a somewhat impulsive decision to go ahead and get it. Monday we cooled our jets, as the estimated date of delivery was set for June 1st. Wednesday we received a phone call that the couch was already in the city and ready to be delivered this week. Friday (yesterday) we sent our putrid green couch to the Salvation Army. And today, I am typing from the comfort of our luxurious new deep-pocket sofa. On our new couch, there is room for us both to sprawl and/or spoon. There is room for us to grow a huge family, or just have lots of friends over. We've already rearranged our entire apartment to make the perfect place for this new sofa. We're really happy it's here. I can tell we're going to get along great.


Christopher said...

Wow, that couch really took you on an emotional rollercoaster. Not to mention having to dispose of a putrid green family heirloom (figure that couch was ~40 yrs old?). That's crazy that you got it 8 wks early, congrats on getting it through the door!

Elijah's Mom said...

I can't believe its there already!!! I'm so glad you have it. It just missed Eli's spitup. :)

Secondstreetdesigns said...

can't wait to see pictures of your new couch!