auntie time

We had a wonderful visit from my big bro + sil Katie + little Elijah last weekend. And ever since then I've been either working or sleeping nonstop, so sorry for the blog neglect! I miss E's little cry and heap of dirty diapers around here. Having a baby around makes me 100% crazy about having one of my own--but having one as perfect & downright adorable as Eli would be a tough act to follow. And so as not to steal Katie's thunder, documenting nearly every step of their stay here on her own new blog, I'll just share a few of the very best highlights:

*Quality fam time
*Losing my sushi virginity at Koo {It's actually kinda tasty!}
*Spectating baby E's bathtub time
*Not just another annoying trip to Fisherman's Wharf, because I got to carry Eli in his Baby Hawk.
*Picnic in Golden Gate park
*An excuse to stop for Parisian Macarons at Miette and bliss out.

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