our nest: office/guest room/craft studio

This place is perfect for cat naps when it's just the two of us...and for a good night's sleep when we play B&B with our friends & fam. I apologize that this is a repeat photo for some. {I just love the lighting in this picture!}

...And this my friends, is where the magic happens.

These bay windows + the windows behind the bed make this the sunniest room in the house...And that's just fabulous, 'cause with our computer and my craft area in this same room, we probably spend most of our time here. Below are the french doors that open into our living room. I love the way my Rachel Ashwell curtains from Target make this room feel so airy.

This room has three odd doors that together make one long, shallow closet. We tucked our extra furniture pieces inside to make a happy little crafting station for me. It's rather rudimentary, but I absolutely love having a place for everything...A place that is, until I get on a roll. Imagine the paper trail (literally) of crafting supplies strewn across the floor and covering the guest bed. That--is me in my element.


Mara of ::the simpler things:: said...

Jessica, I LOVE the first pic! It looks like something you might see in Domino! : )

Elijah's Mom said...

That is an awesome room! We need to remember to put our computer, rocking chair, and my craft stuff all together in our next place, so that we can be around each other while we do our favorite things... such a good idea!

michelle {lovely.little.things} said...

Your home is so beautiful! I love the spools of ribbon and jars of buttons, such lovely touches that really add character and love to a home. I'm inspired!

Fairlightday said...

Love this room! Love the light! And Olivia has those curtains in her bedroom! Loved seeing your crafting space. I'm always interested to see how other people set their creative areas up.

mrsplainjane said...

I love all the buttons in the jars, so bright and cheery :) Definitely inspires me for my craft/laundry area!