annie leibovitz

Phew! Another busy week spills into another busy weekend. Jeff's dad was in town for a church conference until Saturday, so in between eating out, hanging out, and three different busy schedules we had a great excuse to check out the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the Legion of Honor. {Yes, that's her ravishing shot of Nicole Kidman above.} It's so fun to think we have an amazing art museum in our very own neighborhood. We've hiked past this place so many times and finally having the chance to stop in and check out its galleries left me, well, impressed. Definitely add this place to your list of "When in San Francisco..." Oh, and Annie's magnificent photography is on display until May 25th--and comes highly recommended.


Leslie said...

your so lucky to live in such an art enriched area..

and yeah use that image, thats what I made it for.. :)

Krissy said...

wow! Gorgeous photo.