our nest: hall

Our place was built circa 1920, so it obviously has the sort of charm that makes my mouth water and my heart throb at first site. Truthfully, it has its turn-offs, but we won't get into them here... Like a huge percentage of San Francisco homes {insert: itty-bitty glorified apartments smashed together up+down+right+left}, ours has a loooong entryway that branches from a common front entrance that we share with 3 other units. Stemming from the eternal hallway are each of our 4 rooms + bath. I once counted--we have 13 doors in this crazy place! I'm not sure why the kitchen needs a door to the hall + to the living room...Maybe for earthquake safety? They say you're safe(r) in a door frame. I've got plenty.

{This is the part where you hang up your coat and stay awhile!}

I love our useless little phone nook. Seriously. Does anyone actually use landlines anymore? The drop-dead-gorgeous antique immigrant's trunk was a wedding gift from Jeff's parents. It houses fancy linens that I'm too scared to use (i.e. embroidered pillowcases from my grandma), and extra blankies.

The hallway serves as a gallery for our modest art collection. We received this Li-Leger print as a wedding gift and decided to mix things up by cropping it and framing each square separately. Is that defacement? I hope not, because I really like how it all turned out. It really warms up our hallway.


Megan said...

I recognize that umbrella!!! Miss you!

Casey said...

oh, i love home tours! i am loving your long hallway, so bright!! keep it up!

chelle said...

so bright and lovely and welcoming...love what you did with that print. What a swell idea. Can't wait to see more.

Fairlightday said...

Your entry way looks so warm and inviting with lots of lovely sunlight.
I love how you cut that picture up. I even sent the links to a friend who is redecorating her house. This looks just like her. Thanks for having us all in for a tour. :)

Sara Christine said...

Ah yes, the San Francisco hallway. They are quite legendary! I had a doozy of a hallway in my first SF apartment. :)

I love the soothing yellow walls, and the way you hung your artwork. It's so fun peeking into other people's places!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely, Jessica! I'm so glad you are giving us a tour because I love peeking at "real" homes.