{7} signs of spring : a photo fling!

This month I'm heading up the posts at Creative Juices (a little blog of craft challenges that keep my long-distance girlfriends and I connected & inspired). This week I'm hostessing a 7 signs of spring photo fling there and you're invited!! I'm posting a daily photo challenge to help you collect and admire all of the bright, springy aesthetics happening in your world. Please, please join us and drop links to your photos in the comments section each day. I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica,
I love the brag book you made for your nephew, I would love to know how you did it. Is that just a notebook and you replaced the pages, or did you cover them with other paper and embellish? Really like the little tabs. If you have a chance, email is leasuregirl@hotmail.com
Thanks, Christina {San Diego}

Anonymous said...

OOOPs, never mind just read the comments under the post and saw your answer, thanks anyway ;)

Casey said...

jessica,thanks so much for your kind comments... and as for the etsy shop, believe me, it is cooking in my mind! --but as of now, i am not sure i have time, so it will have to wait... for now. :) the photo fling sounds so great!