seasonal delights

First off, thank you all so very much for your sweet and thoughtful little notes from last week when I was feeling a bit run down. I'm back at 110% and am ready to finish strong before flying home on Wednesday!The best part about Christmas checklists, to-do lists, wish lists, shopping lists, and packing lists, is definitely crossing off their final, pesky items and having the chance to sit back and actually enjoy the season.I'm never much of an early-bird. I need the sense of pressure and urgency that now is the time I simply must decide who's getting what and what's getting done and when. I'm also a complete nervous bird when it comes to procrastinating. {I have nightmares about being late for important events, forgetting about Christmas, etc.} I'd like to say that I fall somewhere in the middle of the Christmas preparation contiuum. After an ultra-industrious day of bossing Jeff around and running around like a fool, I'm so happy to have the following crossed off my list:

*Christmas cards signed, sealed, and sent.
*Christmas packages bought/made, wrapped, and sent.
*All Christmas gifts accounted for and packed into one very large suitcase. (I'll worry about packing our sweaters and essentials later!)
*Baking accomplished!

It's all such a relief. Time to relax and enjoy Christmastime!

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Leslie said...

yeah for you...
So glad you got caught up. Have a very very Merry Christmas, enjoy your time with family.