Yesterday sweet Jeff took me to the San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker. It was definitely the most delicious eye candy I've tasted in quite some time. Everything about it was absolutely perfect. The costumes, the dancing, the set, the music, oh my! Perhaps the best part was the myriad of sweet 4-year-old girls among us in the nosebleed section, decked out in their Christmas dresses, dreaming and twirling the entire way in and out of the production. I think I want to have lots of ballerina-daughters when I grow up.


alyssa said...

Ah, sounds magical! I LOVE the Nutcracker!

Danielle said...

Oh, I love the nutcracker too! Grandpa Drews would took Emily and I to the San Jose Ballet Nutcracker every year from age four to fourteen, when we moved. I used to bring my nutcracker from home to the ballet even. I'm glad you liked it!

Fairlightday said...

How delightful! Some day I'm going to take both of my girls to see the magic of this ballet. Until then, Olivia and I enjoy watching the movie. Oh, and having lots of ballerina daughters is definitely a {swell} idea ;)