Like many 10-year-olds, sometimes I have trouble eating my veggies. Amazingly, when I make fresh veggie pizza, my aversion transforms into indulgence. (Perhaps it's the very unhealthy delivery device of cream cheese and crescent roll crust!) As it should be, this Saturday is a chill, catch-up day around the house...And this little treat is meeting my every snacking need!

To taste this simple, delicious treat: Bake a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls until golden brown on a pizza pan. Meanwhile, blend a package of softened cream cheese with a little mayo and dill. When your crust is cool, spread on the cheese blend and add gobs of your favorite fresh veggies. Yum!

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chelle said...

I should say so. I am going to try that. It sounds delish. And I love, love, love the plate your veggie pizzia is displayed on.