miss him.

Three days in career-world down! I'm so excited about my new job. {For those of you just tuning in...This week, I am starting my first R.N. job on a Cardiac ICU in this great hospital!} So far so good. However, I feel like I am back in school all over again...I've been going to lots and lots of classes. I don't even hit the floor of my unit until next weekend! So far, the toughest part has been not seeing my dear Jeffrey {in the light of day} since Sunday. :( Suddenly, we are on complete opposite work schedules; passing notes over the kitchen table just isn't cutting it. Maybe I'm just spoiled after having had so much time together last summer when we were homeless, unemployed, and inseparable. The good news is, he will be home when I get home tomorrow!

Other great perks to starting my first grown-up job: FREE I-POD. That's right. I was a little saddened to leave my short, carefree days as a Starbucks barista behind. Why? Because currently, Sbux is giving away a free i-Tunes download every day this month to all of its customers. Truly! You should hop on over to snatch yours up...It's a pretty sweet deal! But Sbux can eat its heart out...Believe it or not, my hospital passed out free i-Pods to all of its employees this year to celebrate it's 100th anniversary. I am so over Starbucks. My new little pod is already fully loaded with some great new tunes! Currently loving: Ingrid Michaelson. You might already have discovered her from the new Old Navy sweater commercials or Grey's Anatomy.


Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions said...

Congratulations on the new job! I know the opposite schedules taking some getting used to, but trust me, those weekends are going to be soooo nice!

Casey said...

great job with your first 3 days!! being away from your hubby will only make those times you have together that more special. :)

chelle said...

Glad to hear that your first days have gone well. Sorry that you and Jeff are missing eachother so much these days. Hope you ended up supremely enjoying your evening together.

I am also totally loving Ingrid Michaelson amazing voice and music right now. I first discovered her a couple weeks ago myself. :)

Megan said...

LOVE! I miss you! I got to see our Melissa today though, so we talked about you...did your ears burn? hehe :)

Congrats on the new dream job, and the very exciting perk! Whoa--I think Aurora gave fanny packs out last year, haha!!!

Muah, Megs

alyssa said...

Congratulations on your new nursing job! Distance makes the heart grow fonder, right? Those moments you have together will be very special and will carry you through your busy, new, and hectic days. Add some of your hubby's favorite music to your new iPod, that will most certainly add a smile to your face :)

greengardengirl said...

Hi there,
I work at UCSF as well (research in adolescent medicine)! I enjoy your blog very much! And I love reading about your new experiences in SF and the bay area. it helps me appreciate it more!