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Please welcome a very special guest post from my SIL (sis-in-law), Katie Sumey! Above are a few gorgeous photos from Katie & my brother's wedding, November 26th 2005. Since it was the Saturday after Thanksgiving, they had a natural and beautiful Christmas theme! I had never seen a krumkakke (photo: bottom left) at a wedding before, but I will never forget it! Katie's grandma makes these traditional Danish cakes by hand for all family celebrations. {AMAZING!} I think that the rings are so fitting and symbolic for a wedding. Katie says that it's made mostly of almond paste and...it's the best dessert she's ever tasted. So without further blabbing, please take heart to Katie's words of wisdom:

Wedding Advice:

1. Think of 5 or fewer pictures that you really, really want to have the photographer do on the wedding day, and at least make sure those get done. Although you may give him a long list, even prioritized, you will still need to watch and keep him accountable. You can assign someone to do this, but if you can stand to, it's best to do it yourself.

2. Pick a location that really works for you for your reception. If you can decorate a larger space well, then do that. Otherwise, try to find a place that has its own natural beauty (indoors or outdoors) so that you are less-pressed to make it extra-special.

3. If you tend to be the worrying-type, forgo outdoor activities for the day of the wedding. At the very least, have a wonderful backup plan that you absolutely can live with.

4. Remind yourself every single day that this is about your promises to God and one another. As long as that happens, everything else will be okay. If you lose that focus, you are losing the whole point of all the decorating and planning.

5. Relax. Truly, no one but you and your mother will know if something goes wrong. The most beautiful decoration of the day will be the beautiful, smiling bride. All your guests will enjoy whatever you do, but what they really want to see is a happy, relaxed bride and groom.

For my own wedding, I loved having it during the Christmas season (Thanksgiving weekend), because it was unique and far more true to my own personality than a spring or summer wedding could have been. Fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons, and I had a beautiful long-sleeved dress that definitely was unique to me and and the season. It was also perfect for having our honeymoon over Christmas vacation.

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