{swell weddings} gracious gifts for guests

How special to arrive at a destination wedding--whether you've traveled near, far, to the tropics, or back to your roots--and be greeted in your hotel room with a thoughtful welcome basket from the bride and groom? It's just another little detail that will make memories of your event shine and show your guests how much they mean to you. If you're up to the challenge of creating guest welcome packages, here are some ideas of things you might include:

  • water bottle(s)
  • fruit
  • map of the area
  • a welcome note from you and your fiance
  • snacks or baked goodies
  • mints
  • lists or brochures of fun attractions in the area to engage guests during down time
  • tiny toys for kids, such as jacks or an UNO deck
  • soaps
  • sunscreen?

For extra pizazz create the basket in keeping with the theme of your wedding. *Example: for a beach wedding, perhaps you could fill up a beach bucket with goodies and a shovel!*


Fairlightday said...

Love this! Thank you for the reminder. Most of the guests for my friends wedding will be coming from out of state (including me.) And we must do this! :) I hope she sees this post. And please please have you friend do a post about cakes! I love wedding cakes, but have never had one that I though tasted good. Isn't that sad? Hope your week is going well. Hugs!

Oh Happy Blog! said...

I just found your blog- and I do believe that I came at just the right time... loving the wedding inspiration... such yummy pics...

chelle said...

Of course I am sure about the invite! The more the merrier over there at All Things Domestic. The whole point is that it would be a "group" blog. So feel free at any time to post anything there. Borrow any beautiful past post from your blog or do something totally new. Up to you.

Thank you for your words of encouragement. We are all jealous that he gets to be with Jesus face to face before the rest of us.

alyssa said...

I love the pink box of snacks and goodies! I really wanted to do that for our out-of-town guests, but I ran out of time (oh, and money too). Fun post!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

I love those pink and red boxes! I am planning the welcome packages for my parents 50th wedding anniversary party. I would love to use something as cute as those boxes.