walking on gold

As promised: the continuation of Monday's post about our anniversary adventure. Later that afternoon, we found ourselves at the foot of Hearst Castle a very famous California historical landmark. All I can say is, this place is amazing and ridiculous at the same time. We lucked out and hopped on the first of five different tours you can take of this immense building. That's right, there are five different tours because it's waay too much to take in in just 2 hours.

1. W.R. Hearst built this monstrosity as a hobby. I'd like to know exactly who and how one can collect ancient Greek & Roman ruins for your poolside.
2. I've never seen so much marble in my life.
3. This place is a complete museum. Did you know that he has a set of four giant tapestries that belonged to Louis XIV? Yes.
4. Wish we had more photos of inside his palatial courts...No flash allowed, of course!
5. For a minute there, I forgot that I wasn't really in Old World Spain.
Conclusion: We walked on gold. Lots and lots of gold. 22k gold smattered all over the deck of this dude's indoor pool. I'd like for MTV Cribs to take a look at this place. We are taking tours 2-5 ASAP!


alyssa said...

Happy anniversary! Sounds like you had a great adventure! My husband and I were just talking about adding Hearst Castle to our list of places we'd like to see soon. Also, I LOVE your honeymoon scrapbook! I just finished mine, last Friday, but your scrapbook is totally pro! I'll be back! I loved reading your blog! It's very cute!

Danielle Ryan said...

I am so excited that you were able to visit Hearst Castle! Isn't it overwhelming? It does make me a little sad though that they no longer have a zoo up on top of that hill though, receiving large shipments of ice. =)

I'm so excited to discover your blog after receiving your lovely e-mail about weddings. It is positively the most charming blog I've ever witnessed, and I'll be sure to stop by again soon!