one fine day

Yesterday was our very first anniversary getaway! We set out bright and early, claiming our place in line at Dotties, our favorite little cafe in the city that we discovered last summer on the honeyM! It's located in the sketchiest of neighborhoods, so we try to limit our visits, but we love it and the food is yum. ;)

Honeymooning-me at Dotties last summer!

Next we road trip half way to L.A., down Hwy 1, along the ocean to Big Sur and beyond. The coastline there is absolutely breathtaking:We do a little hiking and amazingly, it's already time for a romantic little picnic beneath the Redwoods. Since we couldn't bring our frozen wedding cake with us when we moved, we saved a $pendy bottle of wine from Jarvis--an incredible Napa winery we also visited and loved during our honeymoon days! Quick plug for Jarvis: if ever you have the chance, the tour and tasting is unforgettable. The entire winery is built in a cave. If ever you have the chance, go there, because all I can say is that it is straight out of James Bond.
I can't imagine a more fun day & way to spend our anniversary than road trippin', hiking, and blissing out with a gourmet picnic. It was a fine day, indeed! In fact, we took so many photos that I am thinking that I need to spread them out over 2 posts. More tomorrow!


Tracy said...

You two are so adorable! I hope all your anniversaries are as wonderful as the first one!

chelle said...

I have never heard the term " blissing out " before but what a perfect way to describe a perfect day. Our first anniversary was like yours, an unforgettable day, but the frozen year-old wedding cake was GROSS. Consider yourself lucky that you were forced to throw it out when you moved.
And I am deffinately going to make
" blissing out" a regular part of my every day vocabulary.
AND May every anniversary as well as the days inbetween, be HAPPIER than the last. :)