a man in brown rang my doorbell...

...And made the world a happier place! I am *so excited* because I just received a very special package of Favorite Things in the mail! These things were not just anyone's favorite things, but the select favs of Jihan, the swap hostess herself. I think that I am the luckiest girl in the world right now!I absolutely love everything about it! She and I share a love for paper, ribbons, and of course Martha Stewart. This is seriously the sweetest little surprise I've ever received!! In case you can't read her cutesy little notes, the stack of adorable polka-dotted tins included:

*green-polka dotted tissue paper
*Seattle chocolate
*oodles of green ribbon
*Kiehl's lip balm
*mini soap
*a flashy rhinestone tape measure/keychain (how nifty is that!?)
*a book of witty Italian phrases, because when in Italy, you never know when you'll need to say something meaningful about olive oil or fend off a gypsy: "E possano i tuoi denti marcire prima di Natale!" Translation: "And may the rest of your teeth rot before Christmas!" fun!
*an assortment of darling paper tags
*lovely note cards and envelopes

I am feeling so inspired! Thanks Jihan, the package is absolutely amazing. You are a doll!


Isabel said...

I was anxious to hear who would receive Jihan's package. Lucky, lucky you!

Casey said...

that package looks great!! its so much fun to get a package in the mail!

chelle said...

How perfectly delightful! I signed up for the " favorite things " swap over at Red Velvet Art. I can't wait, it'll be my first swap ever. Are you going to display those poka-dot tins somewhere? They are to die for cute.

alyssa said...

I love the package swap! Sounds SO fun!