life is good {eternal life is better}

This weekend was such a blast! Eleven of us from church (including Jeff & me) checked out Spirit West Coast '07, a giant Christian music festival in Monterey. It is so amazing and edifying to see thousands of Christians gathering together, rocking out, praising God! Saturday's highlight was definitely seeing Switchfoot, one of my ultimate favs. Ok, I'll be honest, it was seeing Switchfoot and eating dip'n'dots: the icecream of the future!

I am not a hard core Christian music listener; I listen to a few bands and know of the bigger names, so this was a cool opportunity to gain exposure to some of the lesser-known bands and the up & comings. So fun!

Jeff & I are so blessed to have a church home here where God's Word and Christ's love are the focus of everything. Already, we have such a sense of belonging and it's made all the difference in the world during our transition here! Looking back on where we were just 2 months ago (homeless, unemployed, with all of our worldy possessions locked away in a ghetto-storage facility) and looking around us now, it's easy to see how much God really takes care of us. Moving here was a tremendous leap of faith (for me, especially!) and looking back it's worked out to be a tremendous faith-strengthener. It's amazing how confusing and rocky we can make things when we forget the one simple truth: God loves us. Christ died for us. And He has eternal life {in heaven} in store for us!!!


Jerusalem said...

I am so glad that you have a church that you love and feel connected. It really makes all the difference!

alyssa said...

I was catching up on your older posts (you always share the cutest things) and I read that you went to Spirit West Coast this year. Rob and I went last year in Del Mar and LOVED it! I also recently saw Switchfoot at the Apple Store in Santa Monica - they really are awesome! (I actually went to high school with them and it's so cool they've done so well!). My favorite Christian artists are Chris Tomlin, Jeremy Camp, Aaron Shust, and MercyMe. We also went to Fishfest a few weeks ago and saw lots of awesome bands! Check out Chris Tomlin and Aaron Shust though...Rob's a the worhsip leader at our church, so we're always listening for new inspiration. Right now, those 2 are our favs!