I am officially sucked into the realm of bloggie--I have been tagged by deerseason87 at Printer & Piemaker to share 8 random things about myself and then tag 8 other bloggers to do the same. I was never a chain letter or an email forwarding kind of girl, but hey, this can't hurt!?

1. I tried posting this exciting news last week, but was quickly chastized by my mom because she didn't want it to be 'all over the internet'...I think it's safe now to say that I AM GOING TO BE AN AUNTIE!!! Congratulations Christopher & Katie, we are so incredibly happy for you and your new little fam! :) I have set an all-time high goal for myself to learn to knit a darling baby cardi and I have less than 7 months. Wish me luck! Katie just sent us this little pic of the miraculous, healthy little peanut:2. Our new PB quilt arrived yesterday!! I think it's even lovlier in real life than in the pic. The pattern is like India-meets-Scandinavia-meets-Jessica's style. Very excited. Now we just need a nice headboard...

3. The UPS man who delivered the quilt told me that I had "really nice teeth." That is by far the oddest compliment I've ever received and from a complete stranger, none the less.

4. Right now, I am surrounded by another classic craftastrophe, with no one to blame but myself, in our living room. I am organizing all of the crafts for VBS at church next week. Let's just say that foam letter stickers seemed like a good idea at the store, but ugh, the sorting!

5. I am sunburnned. I burn easily. But that's no excuse for abandoning my two Cali goals: a. Learn to surf. b. Go sailing.

6. It is foggy and 60 degrees here in S.F., as usual. What a way to spend the summer! I never cared for 100 degree weather with 99% humidity back home in Minnesota. Spoiled.

7. I am homesick.

8. I have a crush on Laura Normandin's apartment in Brooklyn and sfgirlbybay's apartment here in S.F.

9. That is all! Reading back over my list, hope I wasn't too much of a Negative-Nancy!

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