True confession: Untrue to my penny-pinching nature, I completely splurged yesterday on an impulse buy from Pottery Barn. Admittedly, I had been eyeing this beautiful Danika quilt and shams in ivory for quite some time...This was the bedding I picked out for our wedding registry, which obviously never materialized. Yesterday, while shopping for a friend's wedding gift, I sneakily peeked to see if perchance they still carried my beloved quilt. Lo and behold it was on SALE with limited quantities remaining. EeEek! I knew if I put it off any longer, I'd be forever regretful. So on complete intuition-impulse-whatever you want to call it-I ordered the whole ensemble, including shipping, for less than $200! Happy day and happy early anniversary to us!


Jenny said...

Very cute purchase, well worth every penny and on sale! Sometimes impulse buys are the best!

Marie said...

Ha Ha, I just did the same thing last week. I found the bedding that I wanted for my daughter and it was on SALE too. I had to buy it. Having a sale at PB is like hitting the jackpot! Fun blog!

Casey said...

I got some bedding at PB on sale TOO!! I love a good sale, and a good sale from PB.