upcycled canister, washi tape style!

Life is so full. So, so full. I always wish I could fill this blog with more everyday loveliness, but you know, it always gets pushed to the bottom of the endless list. (: 

Today I am excited to finally share a super quick little project that was inspired by my extremely inspiring friend, Amanda.  After last weekend's wonderful Be Crafty workshop, we had a little bit of pretty washi tape left over from our awesome sponsor Sewing Post...Sooo, we divvied it up and I brought mine home to create an awesome little storage container for what else--my vast collection of washi tape!

First I rescued an empty Swiss Miss container from the trash.  I spray painted the outside white, so that the mountains and marshmallows would not show through the thin papery tapes.  Then I simply went nuts wrapping the outside, ring by ring, with lovely colors and patterns.  I set them all out on the table and let G help me decide on the design! I am loving it and want to empty out all of the other canisters in my house so that I can make more...


Bobi Jensen said...

This was inspiring for me! I don't have a canister around but a #10 can about that same size and the second I saw your picture I knew what to do with it!



Eden Marie said...

this is very cute and so simple! :)

Ashley Sjuts said...

This is so great! I was just looking at an empty coffee container this morning and thinking it would make an awesome play drum for my little girl. But I couldn't figure out how to make it pretty- thanks for the swell idea : )