minnehaha falls on my holga

This summer I have been having so much fun playing with my Holga!  It is so ultra simple that it feels kinda like the 24 exposure disposable cameras my mom used to send with me to summer camp.  I mean, we're talking primitive.  You have to manually wind your film. No flashy flash, no auto focus, no batteries.  PLUS a crappy viewfinder so you're never quite sure what you're composing.  (Hello chopped heads!)  It may sound like a pointless nightmare to you, but to a girl who spends her summers lugging lenses and shooting fancy weddings, it is a dreamy vacation.  Such a tactile experience.  Everything from the underwhelming little click of the shutter to rolling the film between exposures.  It leaks light in crazy ways so you never have a clue what you're gonna get.  No fake actions necessary. The imprecision of it all is so real and so wonderful!  So here you are...a few shots of our summer in Minneapolis, straight out of camera:


Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Love these pictures! I have a fancy DSLR that I just got, but I really don't know how it works. Maybe I should get something a little bit more simple to start with ;)

Just found your blog, and it's just lovely!


Jenny said...

My husband and I spent a week in Minneapolis 2 weeks ago. I tried contacting you, but the email probably got sent to your spam.

We had a wonderful time. Spyhouse coffee...oh my!