some pretty white things

It is the last few minutes of Friday, and I just realized I had a very important winner to share!!

The big House 8810 giveaway winner...

Congrats Jen!!

Email me at swell.life(at)gmail(dot)com for all of the deets!! Hooray for you!!

In other news, Jeff is really, really good to me. I've been working too much lately, and the other day while running errands at the grocery store, he had the inspiration to get me flowers. Of course they probably only had crazily-dyed daisies and horrible wilting roses to pick from...so he had the class & thoughtfulness to bring me a simple bunch of baby's breath. And I love it--all white and whimsical in a little bowl on my mantel. I feel like baby's breath got a bad wrap in the 90s. But I really think it's back, and it's beautiful (when not paired with red roses). Yay!

And that's not all. He also just surprised me with one of these fancy new contraptions: I mean completely blew me away. Woot!!!! At first I was a little taken-aback about the small investment, but I really do think it is complete amazing-ness...We've already been finding free books, snapping little photos, and checking the HD weather forecast before stepping out the door. Tonight I even set it in G's room on the piano solo Pandora station to help him fall asleep! I can't believe that I already can't live without it. I've never before owned something that is actually app-worthy, so I am in need of advice.

What are the best apps!?


Anonymous said...

Oh, you must have:

Evernote-great place to track to do lists
Pinterest- of course
In the Kitchen- Food Network
Dragon Dictation- transcribes voice to text
Page Once or Mint- for tracking finances
My Medical- tracks organizes your medical info so YOU control your health
PhotoShop Express-editing photos
Shazam-recognizes music and finds out the name
Then the usual: Skype, Target, Amazon, JoAnn, Netflix

Christine said...

You may be starting a trend with the baby's breath. Really sweet and simple, in a white bowl?

Love the white iPad! Don't have a
Pad, but a phone since it came out- I'm spoiled like that.
Apparenty you are too! Go hubby!

Anyway, apps to have...
Pedi stat... Since your a nurse, and you have a kid
Pinterest... Yes!
Google reader
Study flash- for prayer cards (see blog for more info)
PS express for photoshop on the go
Fox news
Netflix- if you subscribe
Shop savy- real cool-scans barcode
Also toddler teasers for kids.

Amanda said...

Cool! I'm secretly saving to get one of those for my husband! I saw a neat Ed Emberley app the other day- drawing of the day or something like that. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

Awesome surprise!! I have the same cover but in green! :) Enjoy!

Leslie said...

oh Jess.
We totally do the baby breaths in bowls a lot. Its cheap and pretty when I can't afford blooms.

Can you believe I was just given an IPAD too.. I feel oh so spoiled.... and can't live without either...

going to go through Christine's lists...

My favorite ways to use it so far.

netflix in the tub... woot woot.
netflix folding laundry...
allrecipes on my kitchen island, no more printing recipes...
Seeing Nick upstairs finding guitar chords while he practices....

life.changing. how lame is that.


Jen said...

Woot! SOOO thrilled to have won! Had just been on Mackinac Island, lusting over several of the same items in a little shop there. What a great way to start a week!

I sent an email to you on Monday. Please let me know if you don't get it.

And congrats to you on your new toy! My husband has one and loves it. Another great source for hundreds of free ebooks is gutenberg(dot)org. And your kiddos might enjoy jellytelly(dot)com, an online collection of shows/games by one of the creators of VeggieTales, when stuck in line or waiting at restaurants, etc.

Thanks again!

Sorry if this is a duplicate - tried posting on Monday, but I'm not seeing it.

Chelle said...

Missing you here and I can only imagine that your summer is an absolute whirl-wind. Hopefully a happy one. I don't know how you do it...you are one amazing girl!

And shame on me that it has taken this long to thank you for the sweet, sweet egg carton full of pretty little things that came right after Lucy was born from you. How did you know we would need a binky and burp rags, that very day... Thank you dearly.