a shout out to some dads i know.

this pic pretty much sums up the sweetness in this day.
i love that g wants to do everything just like daddy...like playing camera.
(although i will admit that i lied and told him there was candy in the viewfinder of that camera...just so he would look and i could take this pic... naughty, i know.)
and i love that he could say "happy father's day" to jeff this morning.
we celebrated with burgers + a bike ride. oh, and naps. naps for all 3 of us.
jeff and g are so adorable together. i love these boys.
i am so blessed to have these boys and that they have each other.

and even though we couldn't hang with my dad or jeff's dad today, i think they are pretty amazing too.

i love my dad because he is the picture of selflessness. my grandpa's health is failing big time lately and my dad has been taking care of him every single day for the last 2 months, in order to keep him out of the hospital/nursing home. and somehow he continues to juggle his 1,000 other responsibilities. there doesn't seem to be an end to his giving and he never ever complains about it. i think that is awesome and a tough act to follow.

there are some really amazing dads in my life.


Amanda said...

Happy (second) father's day to Jeff. That picture is adorable--even if a fib was told to get it. :) Sounds like an ideal way to spend a special Sunday.

Sending love and prayers for God to watch over your grandpa...

emily-kallista said...

beautiful! to all our loving and tireless dads <3