the iou project

Have you heard about the IOU project? It's an awesome idea + unique new venture that combines authentic hand-woven cotton material with smart design and an even smarter business model to make beautiful, quality clothing with tons of integrity. The IOU project is cool because it shares the story behind each and every unique piece of clothing and all of the real people who handle it--from loom to tailor to you!

I sometimes get tired of shopping at cheap mall stores where I can pretty much guarantee that the clothes I buy will either stretch out or begin to disintegrate faster than they can go out of style. I love the idea of buying clothes that have classic design and are built to last. Which is why it's kind of like a breath of fresh air to find a total grass-roots clothing company that is all about sustainability, quality, and individuality. I love that each piece is 100% unique, not made in factories, and supports hard-working people all over the globe.

You should definitely check out the quick video to learn a little bit more. The project launched this month and they are channeling the power of the world-wide-web to spread the word. I'm excited to partner with them through my blog and share some of my favorite items through an online trunk show! Go ahead, have a peek...Then tell me what you think!!

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Cottage Mommy said...

Sounds really cool! I'm excited to see what the clothes are like and what the prices are! Great idea!