there will be cloudy days.

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I was at work in the wee hours this morning when I stopped dead in my tracks to watch some of the first videos from Japan. My heart has been breaking for them all day. I'm blessed to have never experienced a natural disaster first hand--and I can't even imagine the pain going on there. Life is so so fragile and am hugging my boys a little extra today. I really want to find ways of helping--have you heard of any unique outreach opportunities in blogland?
Romans 8:35-39 friends.

Sorry for the lack of posting this week. It seems that I'm a little bit drained. Am hoping to spend this weekend unplugged and to refuel my creative juices. I have a fun little giveaway in store for Monday!


Jenny at Red House said...

I also found all the images unbelievable and distressing, jennyx

Melinda said...

Agreed. It is unimaginable. Horrible. I haven't posted in a while either. Been super busy. Have a great weekend! :)

Kimbirdy said...

oh i know, it has been heartbreaking watching the footage and hearing these stories from japan. i have several dear friends from japan who are still waiting to hear from all of their loved ones. earthquake and tsunami disasters always hit close to home since i live in los angeles. it could so easily be us at some point, which just makes me want to love as much as i can while i'm blessed with this life.