1. the sun is shining very much and magically erasing all of that horrible gray + white. the sight of grass (even if brown and soggy) never looked better.
2. dreaming about planting things. soon.
3. i am taking the lad on a little road trip to visit "gamma gappa big house" so that jeff can get a little work done around here.
4. our taxes are done. jiggidy-jig.
5. i have a date for sewing on my calendar. i want to make graham a little bow tie for easter. how snazzy is that!? does anyone know of a great tutorial?
6. am making tropical cucumber salad and cinnamon scones, not necessarily in that order.
7. finally watching the social network.
8. getting my hair cut, but keeping it long, because i've been practicing some new school braids.
9. drinking a minty green milkshake. loving that i don't even have to be irish to partake.
10. washing up a fresh batch of vintage linens from the thrift store. how happy is that?


Mish Mashh said...

i just discovered your blog and i just wanted to say how gorgeous it is! i also checked out your photography blog and am so inspired by how you created your business. photography is a passion of mine and something i would like to keep growing throughout my life! xo

Krista said...

Being a fellow minnesotan I can definately appreciate the sunshine and yearning to plant! I have been craving a cucumber tomato salad straight out of the garden...mmmmm! Have a sunshiney day!

Emily said...

love this list! and now I want a minty milkshake...bad.

Leslie said...

lovely list Jess...
and wishing upon the new faces I met this weekend.. that you were one of them.

Alivia said...

I love this list! And holymoly, if I could completely steal your handwriting, I would. Beautiful.

alli/hooray said...

great list! we finally got some sunshine today (along with warmer temps - yay) and it was the most refreshing thing.

Melinda said...

Isn't Spring lovely? I am getting ready to can this week - I'm so excited! :)