Hoping you'll find a little extra time and inspiration to love on your loved ones today. Isn't it fun to have a holiday dedicated to showing a little love? Read our secret to a happy marriage here!


Miss G said...

lovely heart decorations and wonderful words of wisdom on dee dee's blog. May God continue to make your marriage what He wants it to be. Kelly

Alivia said...

Oh, I love these decorations. I think I'd leave them up all the time!

bethany said...

Such lovely window hangings! :)

And, I so appreciated your advice on Whatever Dee-Dee Wants...it's incredibly valid to remember that love is more than emotion, but an action that needs to be shown daily. I don't know that I ever realized that before Gabe. I cannot count how many times he goes well beyond what I need--and never complains. Even at a distance he's often taking care of silly little things I'd forgotten, just doing his best to make my life easier, when he's the one stuck across the sea!

Words to live by!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours. :)

Melinda said...

I love your answer. :) Sounds a bit like me. Tee hee. *giggles* Last night my hubby and I were going to bed, and E.J. (our 4 month old) started crying for his bottle. Around 11:30. He offered to change his diaper and feed him. He told me to lay down and sleep. I was so surprised. I never asked him, he just did it. :) I love moments like that. And I know he loves it when I show that for him too. ;)