turkey tuesday.

The bird is the word here today. We celebrated an early bird Thanksgiving tonight with the resident aunt & uncle. Not sure if I've ever mentioned that Jeff's sis and her husband live in our basement? Allow me to introduce the cute couple at our dinner table: Luke + Jenny. Sometimes we call them Lenny for short. I like to call them the Nanny and the Manny, because they are such a huge help with Graham. Having them live with us makes for an easy impromptu family gathering. There is extra laughter, helping hands, and Glee watchers for which to be thankful.Anywhoo, we deemed this day Turkey Tuesday because we will all be working and/or going our separate ways on Thursday. Besides, a real T-day is when everyone gets together. And even though our dinner was not all-that-out-of the ordinary, the sights and smells as Jenny & I swirled around the kitchen all afternoon made it a bit extraordinary. How fun to set out some fancy vintage linens, light a few candles, and uncork a cabernet. Not one of us had made a turkey before, but Jenny tackled that winged thing head on and it turned out scrumptious, topped with a pomegranate glaze. She also made a manly helping of italian sausage + green apple stuffing. I chimed in with the green bean almondine, sour cream + chive mashed potatoes, and the traditional pumpkin pie. Everything about our little holiday was perfect, super simple, and not the least bit stressful.

Sign me up to host Thanksgiving next year. I'm not afraid of making le menu anymore.
Some last minute crafty Thanksgiving ideas you may want to test out for your dinner party this year or next:

These darling burlap bowtie+blossom favor boxes.

Print this pretty chain of thankfuls.

Super lovely centerpieces.


Miss G said...

oh so fun! Sounds scrumptious and looks so great. Glad you captured the sense of laughter and fun around the table. love it. Kelly

ashlie elizabeth: said...

it looks so beautiful! i love the idea of friends (relatives) living nearby. my sister stayed with us all summer this year, and it made simple mealtimes more festive. thanks for the family-meal inspiration!

Shannon said...

Aww that sounds fun having them around. My brother also stayed with us last summer and it was a nice change of pace...plus he did yard work :) And that meal sounds incredible, especially the stuffing! Happy Thanksgiving!

Melinda said...

That is what I love - super simple feast. :) This will be my second year at workin' the turkey all alone. We will see how it goes. Wish me luck! ;) lol. I love the centerpiece idea! :) Very beautiful.:) btw: I love your vintage table linens. ;)