jumping the gun?

I used to fault stores for jumping the gun and hauling out the holly long before Halloween. Lately I've begun to accept (and maybe even embrace) this practice of building up to Christmas, despite the mega-material holiday it has become. It really hit me this weekend when Jeff and I were on a date at Target (yes, we went there, admittedly after dining at Chipotle, but even Target is romantic and wonderful when it's just the two of us.)

When I picked up a bag of minty kisses on impulse, suddenly, I had mistletoe and tinsel on my mind. It felt a little bit like Christmas, driving home in the dark that night. Visions of sugar plum fairies and all.
We are keeping gifts simple this year. I say this every year, but this time I really mean it. I am 100% all for handmade, and if I can't make it myself, I want to support other craftspeople who can. I'm extra excited because starting tomorrow through December, all Meet the Maker Monday features around here are taking on a festive twist, and will be part of a new Holiday by Hand mini series--intended to help you simplify your holiday shopping, making, mailing, and decorating. Please drop in each week for extra swell giveaways, tips, and tutorials!!


Speaking of jumping the gun, I am listing my gratefuls for today and tomorrow:
7. I am grateful for Mr. Graham. He cracks me up and melts my heart...often simultaneously. Today after I peeled him his 5th orange. (He LOVES those little clementines!) He plopped down contentedly on the kitchen floor, ate one bite, then popped up said "hug!?" walked over and hugged my neck. A few minutes later, he was walking around the living room, proudly sporting my shoes and necklace. My little fashionista. I am grateful for these little mommy moments.

8. I am grateful for Daylight Savings, even if babies do not observe this holiday. And although an extra hour of sleep was not on my agenda today, I am thankful for an extra hour of productive time this evening!


{lovely little things} said...

Mint truffle kisses?!

{Jenna Lou} said...

Last year I was traveling on Christmas so this year I'm really excited to decorate.... I think we might put our tree up on turkey day this year which is unheard of in my family!