friday idea book: diy rag wreath

Who doesn't love a craft that is quick, easy, inexpensive, and oh yeah, pretty? I think this one's a winner. Rag wreaths have been around at least since country-style crafts were all the rage in the '80s. Let's reinvent them with our smart stashes of fabric scraps plus some tulle and ric rac for additional texture and merry measure. This is the perfect thing to keep your hands busy while watching It's a Wonderful Life. The result is really playful and colorful. Instant cheer. {Think I'll be keeping mine up all year.}


a heap of fabric scraps
wire cutter or scissors
couch + a good flick
sturdy wire: I used 40 inches of plain old florists' wire, double wrapped. an old metal coathanger would also do the trick!)
Begin by shaping your wire into a circle. Mine was approximately 8 inches in diameter, but feel free to make yours smaller or larger. Note that this doesn't have to look perfect. It's about to be buried by a pound of fluffy fabric.
I picked fabrics with wintery blues + greens. I also added some mint green tulle, aqua ric rac, and green satin ribbon for a playful twist. Have fun mixing up your colors and textures. Tear the fabric into approximately 1x6" strips and toss everything into a basket. Plop down on the couch and plug in a good film.
You're good to go. Start tying the strips around the circle. Pack the knots together as densely as possible so that the wreath looks full and lovely. Twist and fluff the strands as you go.

To finish it off, add a long satin ribbon with or without a bow. Hang and be merry!


http://truutske.blogspot.com/ said...

Whow...I love your fantastic creation in winter blues and green. Thanks for this beautiful idea.
Have a nice day, Trudie.

bethany said...

Oh my goodness. Why are you doing this to me, Jessica? Now I'll never get to washing my dishes this weekend, because I positively NEED to make this!

Cute on the cheap? Yes, please! :)

Melinda said...

I absolutely love this crafty idea! I may have to try this one out! It is super simple...just like me. ;)

swell.life said...

@ bethany: oh no! do wash your dishes...i am thinking of making these again at the Christmas Crafternoon Party!

erin said...

I love your version of this! I had my 4th grade students make these for their families as Christmas gifts last year and they turned out so cute (and the students were so proud of their creations!). A fun and easy craft!

Karen Lee said...

Jessica......Thanks for inspiring me to make one!! It was fun and easy to make. I have it posted on my blog if you want to see it. I gave you credit and linked your blog.

xoxo Karen Lee