friday idea book: crochet wreath ornaments

Hello & happy {black} Friday. Hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, stuffed with turkey, family, and an endless list of blessings. On my agenda today: sleeping in. No early birds or worms in this house...Although Jeff did hit Wal-Mart at midnight for some $2 DVDs.

Announcing his week's giveaway winner...Laura!
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Ladies, grab your needles+yarn, because today I'm really excited to share a guest post on how to crochet the cutest ever wreath ornaments from Robyn at Minimalist Knitter:

Looking for an adorable and quick way to adorn your tree, add some decorations to presents, and even spruce up your windows? These crochet mini-wreaths are just the thing! I’ve been making them non-stop over the last week or two – originally intending just to fill up a mini-tree for my office, now I’ve got piles of them lying on the tables and in buckets!

For those who are handy with a crochet hook, here’s a simple tutorial to follow to make your own – I promise you can make one in ten minutes or less!

Step One: Grab some stash yarn and the appropriate sized hook. While I tend to like to use a knitting needle or crochet hook sized a bit bigger than the yarn calls for, in this instance you’ll want to stick with what’s called for. In my case, I had some Red Heart yarn in my stash, so I grabbed a size I hook.

Step Two. Chain seven, and slip stitch them together into a ring.

Step Three. Chain three, and then DC {treble crochet for those in the UK} around as many times as you need. I like a super full wreath, so I ended up with around 25 DCs before I called it good.

Tip: If you want your wreath to have multiple colors, you can add in yarn while going around your ring, or you can use variegated yarn. Both give pretty results.Step Four: Once your first ring of crochet is done, head back around a second time with either a SC stitch or a HDC stitch. This adds a bit more to the mini-wreaths, although it’s not a necessary step.

Step Five. Once you’ve got enough DC around, chain 20, and attach back to the ring – this creates a little loop you can use to hang your wreath from a tree or attach to presents. If you don’t want to hang yours, skip this step.

Now, all that’s left is to embellish your wreaths! Grab some stash ribbon and tie some basic bows. Then, simply attach them with hot glue and added a tiny button to the center for a bit more decoration.


You can find more of Robyn's sweet patterns in her etsy shop and blog.


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Really fantastic ornaments.
Love it....great idea.

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