cheap and juicy

Today is for playing house & playing catch up, for laundry, for shining my fridge inside and out, and for running a couple of errands.

9. I am grateful for a bowl full of those juicy little clementines and my new oilcloth tablecloth. (Isn't the pattern so grandma fabulous? You'll be seeing much more of it, I guarantee.) I love that those mini oranges are sweet, cheap, and fresh once again. Hooray for citrus season.

10. I am grateful for a clean bill of health for me & my fam. If there's one thing a career as a nurse has taught me, it's to rejoice in your (& especially your kiddos health) every single day. I think it's a gift we all take for granted.

11. I am grateful for having a washing machine + dryer in my house. After years of sinking quarters at the laundromat, this is one amenity I will forever hold dear.


bethany said...

Grandma-fabulous indeed! I love oilcloth...it's like the no-stress of textileland. :)

And, agreed on the clementines. Oranges are always a little too much to handle for me, but those little guys are just right.

Melinda said...

I adore the table cloth. :) Mmm...clementines are wonderful. I love taking oranges at Christmas time, and sockin some cloves in them and giving them as Christmas gifts, alongsides a candy cane, of course. ;)

Kayt said...

Hooray for those orange balls for G to throw all over!