the swing of things

Hello + Happy Friday! Where has the week gone?

Monday we did laundry. Heaps and heaps. We made strawberry + banana smoothies. And spray painted those fab new frames.

Tuesday at the farmer's market I picked up perhaps my last fresh bouquet of the season. Isn't it lovely? The rosy cabbages are my fav. (Does anyone know what they're actually called?) And wouldn't they make a great wedding bouquet? They are cheaper, more durable, and whole lot more unique than regular roses. Just a thought.

Wednesday we did a really swell vintage photo shoot with our stylized engagement session winners. They were such a fun couple! Super pumped to share a few shots soon, but for now let me tell you...It involved a plush red velvet couch, a gramophone, and a dozen french macarons.

Thursday Graham and I spent quality time, raking up 7 bags of leaves. (Err--I raked, he plowed through piles.) For having a small city yard, we sure have a lot of falling foliage.

and today I am excited to announce this week's giveaway winner:

Anneliese said...

according to adult sources 'squirrel' was my first word...so they are kinda my thing. :)
i am driven nuts by 'mouth noises'. chewing, drinking, etc. they about send me through the roof!

Congrats! Email me with your mailing address so that your squirrel print can find you soon!

More giveaway goodies next week. Til then, happy weekending one and all!


Jennifer said...

Love this photo...made me smile and that's a good thing - just wanted you to know. Gentle blessings and hope you smile today too, Jennifer of jennsthreegraces

Krystal said...

raking leaves...sigh. such hard work but so rewarding! (until a whole new batch falls) :)

Cottage Mommy said...

I just recently saw these...I think of them as mini Kale...but I have no idea what they are really called! I saw them at a hip little market when I was visiting my sister...never seen them in my neck of the woods! Just love them though...I always do the big kale for fall but these are sooo cute!

On Second Street said...

i love fall in MN too, if only it would last longer. the plants are ornamental kale - i just picked up a bunch at mill city. i love them and they last so long!

ThiliBlooms said...

hi :) I`m new here.. but what a cute blog you have! I love the way you write and love your header!! so pretty! I`ll be back for more soon! have a lovely week!