a few words...

What a busy busy week it has been! I am feeling a bit short on words today, so I decided to let Graham do the talking. {Hope you don't mind.} This boy has been a volcano of vocabulary in the last couple of weeks. Every day, I love looking forward to what funny new word he'll pick up next.

Ahem. I can't believe my jolly pirate monkey hits the big 1-8 month milestone this weekend. I'm scared that if I blink again he'll turn 18.

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Leslie said...

so impressed. Way to go Graham.
Caders doesn't have that many words at all.

but he does say.
momma eat now. Im hungry.

go figure.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, graham is adorable!!! my nephew is about the same age and he loves repeating words toO!! AND he also gets stuck on ball sometimes too, LOL!! oh boys! :D

swell.life said...

@ leslie:

cade! what a little stud.

graham will be saying that in no time, manifested by the fact that some of his first words were:
i rest my case. :)

Cottage Mommy said...

That is really, really cute. What a big boy! I'm right behind you feeling shocked that Q will be 18 mo. next month. That feels like a big one to me! Loved seeing the video of him....and we were talking, talking about you last night....Becca was over and filling us in on your high school days!

Heather said...

What a good baby! When the video started playing, our normally cuddly cat pricked her ears back in alarm at the sound of a BABY in the house...then she bared a tooth. Maybe she's not as excited to start a family as we are.

Emily Rosey-Posey said...
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Emily Rosey-Posey said...

oh!! this has made my morning a sunshiney one

Emily Rosey-Posey said...

Oh! this has made my morning a sunshiney one :D