latest treasures:

Ahh, I love the crisp, sunny, fall feeling day outside.
As promised, am finally sharing a few of my latest + greatest vintage treasures from last weekend's Junk Bonanza.
I brought home some goodies for the whole fam:
1. A vintage ring for me. How fun is this? I don't buy jewelry often enough! Definitely need more where this came from.2. A reel of super 8 film for Jeffrey.
3. And a horse for the boy (the ride made complete with the mama's cell phone).


Liv said...

ooh, I love that little horse.

bethany said...

Your ring is a dream...glad you snagged it! I never make the right choice to pick up cute jewelry...I seem to decide to "sit on it", only to return to it's empty space later!

I'm regretting my decision to stay in EC on Saturday, as it seems JB was a real treat. Maybe in 2011. :)

Shutterly Lovely said...

love that ring! What a great find!