how i welcomed september:

:sinking way too much time into arranging our living room book shelf. i want to set out a well-edited collection of our favorite albums + books (oh and hardcovers with a great spine automatically make the cut!) somehow i just can't get it right. do i need more vintage books? more chotchkies? Or maybe just a dictionary to learn the correct spelling of chotchkies? seriously, lend me your thoughts!
:ordering a new ruffled henley to kick start my fall wardrobe
:adding a few too many drops of green food coloring to my first batch of homemade play dough (a very earthy green...g had hours of fun!)
:reminiscing about my back-to-school days and thinking about what it means to be a life-long learner (without student loans!). between now and january, it is my goal to sign up for a class and learn something new.
:speaking of back-to-school, am wishing i had experienced this cutest elementary school inspired wedding in real life. you have to see it to believe it. seriously, i can't get enough of those paper crowns and lollipop boutonnieres!
:chocolate chip cookies
:unpacking the 5 remaining boxes in jeff's office!
:begging your pardon for my lack of posting lately. i needed a little recharging this week.
:watching this and reading this. getting really convicted about a deeper relationship with Jesus and thereby growing my relationships with others. i want to start small by inviting our neighbors over for dinner and getting involved with a volunteer project in our community. hold me accountable.


bethany said...

Ooo, Jess! This shelf looks amazing! I think you've found the perfect ratio of books to chotckies. I too display only my beautifully spined books, and keep the rest in a sad storage closest. (Is it lame that I shop in thrift and antique stores for books of a certain color? Probably.)

I hear you on the lifelong learning. Even though school starts in a week for me, I'm trying hard to maintain some outside learning of my choice. Something that I schedule into my life, but is completely self-chosen and brightens the little down-time I'll have!

Let us know what you decided to do as your first lifelong learning project :)

ashley maureen said...

love your bookshelf. am always trying to find the right balance and arrangements and props.

i hope to sign up for a class this fall too... of what nature, i haven't yet decided. there are so many good things out there!

Amanda said...

I think it's perfect! Beautiful and well-balanced! Happy September to you.

Cottage Mommy said...

I have two copies of "The Shack" and I have only read one half way...probably because it is tough...but I do highly recommend "So you don't want to go to church anymore?" Don't be put off by the title...it's not anti-church but it is way inspiring and the type that reads fast but you could probably read twenty times because there are so many good things to digest!

P.s. love the henley....love the bookshelf...you're doing great!

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Chris says there are too many shelves, and the top one is too close to the top / needs smaller stuff on it. But we do love the featured photo! :) I love displaying all my fanciest books too - we have them right in our living room too. :)

Bridget said...

that ruffled henley is so cute- and i love your shelf.

DeeDee said...

Sounds like a lovely start to Fall! :)

Alivia said...

Firstly, I love everything on your shelves!

I would maybe try a shelf full of books, on the bottom or second to last bottom shelf? I think every shelf is beautiful on its own, but maybe put all together they each need a distinctive quality, like a full shelf of books, one with two items, one with books stacked horizontally, etc.

Whew, sorry for the rambling! :)