cooking salsa / spinning tunes

yesterday i stopped at the farmers' market and bought as many tomatoes, onions, and peppers as i could carry. heaps & heaps.

today it is drizzly and dreary outside. the perfect day to hang inside, where i am attempting to cook up my very first batch of homemade salsa.

i've never canned anything before in my life...so today is the day to try something new. and if we're lucky, we'll have a giant stack of jars to pass around come christmastime. or maybe we'll just have a year's supply of salsa in our pantry. either way, i'm hoping it's worthwhile. wish me luck!

oh, and i never spend quality time in the kitchen without a good set of tunes. here are a few old & new favs that are keeping me jamming today:

1. brielle - sky sailing
2. merry happy - kate nash
3. to save me - m. ward
4. vie en rose - pomplamoose
5. glow - donavan frankenwitter
6. lovefool - cardigans
7. breathe in - frou frou
8. teardrop - massive attack
9. finally woken - jem
10. starting now - ingrid michaelson
11. chocolate - snow patrol
12. one i love - david gray

what's cooking / spinning in your kitchen today?


Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Are you using a pressure cooker, or a water bath? We did water bath salsa a few years ago, and it turned out really well, but I'd love to get a pressure canner instead someday.

swell.life said...

@Katie {My Paisley Apron} : Boiling water. Not sure that I'll ever be hard core enough to own a pressure canner. Maybe I could borrow yours?

katie said...

two things:
a) i love homemade "cooked" salsa. so, so delish.
b) i think we're musical soul-mates (don't be weirded out). but really, i spin these tunes regularly. high five.

kt mac said...

yummy, will you share where you found your recipe? :)!

Thanks for the fun tune playlist too - love hearing new songs..
constantly playing over here...
Derby "If ever there's a reason"
Josh Rouse "Slaveship"
Lisa Mitchell "red wine lips"
Meghan Smith "Here comes your man"
Rilo Kiley "breaking up"
Noah and The Whale "5 years time" :D!
and anything Ingrid Michealson!