scenes from an all-american summer & unofficial family reunion

Let's be honest. It hasn't exactly been all work and no play around here. We partied like rock-stars last weekend. My cousin Ashley got married last Saturday and so the whole gang was in town for an unofficial family reunion. (Aren't we cute and colorful?) My whole fam gets together maybe twice a year these days, so it's always cause for celebration. (Oh and Jeff & I got to take the wedding pics. I'll share more on the flip side of photo shop!)

Sunday/Monday we brought the party to our new house and amazingly had beds and bathtubs for all! Graham got to spend some quality time in the kiddy pool with his favorite cousin, Eli. It's so awesome to watch them run around together. My sil is a far better blogger than I and posted more pics (and video footage) here. Lucky us, my parents treated us to 4th row tickets to a Twins' game at their new (outdoor!) stadium. It was a four.hour.game. And they lost. Bum-diggity. Nothing a giant bag of kettle corn and a strawberry frozen lemonade couldn't soothe.1. The twins light up and shake hands when they score!
2. Good times in the kiddy pool
3. The lone ranger surviving the cardboard chaos.
4. The guys' major league fashion show.
5. Grahammy loves blackberries and backyard BBQs.
6. Best cousins. xo
7. Us! At the game! We love babysitters!
8. Our view from left field.
9. The swing and the miss. (His first road rash...Amazing how fast it healed!)


Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

We are cute and colorful! And I'm surprised, I wasn't really feeling sexy that day but I like the way I look in this pic. Do, however, feel free to photoshop out that silly black bra that kept peeping out! :-p Cute pics and I can't wait to see more of the wedding, etc!

Melinda said...

Aww - it looks like you all had a great time! I love summer! But I must say however, Fall is my favorite season. I just can't resist pumpkins, colored leaves, and a cool breeze. :) *sigh* Love the pictures!

Emily said...

What a beautiful family! Emily

Anonymous said...
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Mandy said...

Such fun pictures. I love your blog header too, so much.