if you would like to brighten my hours

Today it's 60 degrees and drizzling--I believe for the 7th day in a row. We are cooped up inside with heaps of laundry and messy floors. A classic murky Monday. But I'm happy to report that thanks to this new doodle quote in my window, I'm not feeling nearly as gloomy inside as out. This cardboard masterpiece was one of my absolute favorite little treasures found at Farm Chicks, made by Krys at Hutch Studio. Her art is so serene and magical. I'm really excited to hear she'll be here in MN for the Creative Connection in September. What's getting you through your Monday?


emily said...

love that! looks like you had a lot of fun and there was some great stuff!

--i do have a selfish reason for posting a comment too...my little guy is the same age as your little one and i'm looking for a {simple}, crafty gift idea for father's day...from the little guy to the big guy...any thoughts??

daniella said...

yellow flowers are my fave!!!!!!! I will go and buy myself a bouquet to get through the week :-)

Christine E-E said...

i love the cardboard masterpiece - especially since it is using recycled materials.
yesterday, my monday was so intense with the completion of work projects that i am "going slow" this morning by working at home.... and i'm getting a massage at 1pm... and will meet 10 girlfriends for dinner (Bunco group - we never play Bunco though)... now - it's just an excuse to get together to eat & chat.
looking forward to it...

Lynn Richards said...

Do I really tell you what got me through Monday??? Having the kids play in the pool all day because it was so stinking HOT!!!!!!

Adventures of Supermom said...

Believe it or not, knowing I have some good shows to watch in the evening er.. 'The Bachelorette" lol