dada's day

I got to spend a really lovely day yesterday with 2 of the dads in my life. I can't believe Jeff has already celebrated his 2nd father's day! It seems like only yesterday he was sweetly encouraging a frustrated, post-partum me as I tried to figure out how in the world to nurse our ravenous newborn son... Now he is an all-star dad who works hard every day to support our little fam and spends his precious free time on the swings at the park with the monkey child.

I love how much G adores him. If we had a nickel for every time G has said 'dada' in the past 5 months, we would be independently wealthy for the rest of our days. I'm praying that one day G will grow up to be just as strong as caring as his dada.

G and I made this little clay handprint for Jeffrey last week. Our chunk of Sculpey clay was super dry and tedious to work with...I think it's safe to say this was officially my first and last craft project using bake-at-home clay. {Next year we are making one of these for sure!}


義珊 said...
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Melissa said...

What a cute card for Father's day, and even though it may have been a pain to make, the hand print is precious and he will cherish it always!