our {bright sunny} easter entailed...

:sleeping in just a tad later than usual. waking up and
:dressing a young man in a seersucker suit with fancy clip-on tie
:who stole a few hearts at a church full of people where we had
:amazing worship filled with
:the beautiful message that Christ is living and freely pours out truth & life for all
:then coming home to pop the
:first annual Easter quiche into the oven
:and enjoying a warm brunch
:rounded out with a basket full of jelly beans
:and a play date at the park, all on an
:exceptionally sunshiny spring day.


ashley maureen said...

beautiful photos, delightful blog. so happy to have stopped by. sounds like your easter was no less than perfection!

{welcome} said...

Love the spring colors in this photo!!

bethany said...

Ooo, Target dress, Target dress! :)(At least I'm pretty certain it is, as I've tried it on and debated over it many, many times. It seems you and I tend to ogle the same items quite frequently!)

Did you splurge on the Anthro necklace or did your newfound LOL loves cramp your budget a little too much? :)

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That quiche looks so yummy!
I just love seersucker, if that doesn't say Easter, I don't know what does :)

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summer said...

talk about great legs.. look at you! miss super slender in my adorable dress and june cleaver apron! and that quiche! you are the queen.

truly, i must achieve this outfit of yours. i stopped short when i saw how perfect it was. you look fantastic!

ps. may i ask where that lovely dress came from? and the apron, too?

swell.life said...

beth called it, i got my dress at target.

and the apron was on sale at anthropologie a few years ago. in fact i do believe it was my very first anthropologie purchase!