the latest vintage gems

The sun is shining, the snow is melting, and I am glad to report that a delightful little thing called spring may be just around the corner. It's about time. Happy March everyone! It's high time I report on some of my latest vintage gems. I picked up all of the above linens at an estate sale in Spokane, with the exception of the pink+red tablecloth (front right). That lady was a splurge ($15) at an antique store, but I simply could not pass it up. It's still in mint condition and has Valentine's Day tea party or summer luncheon scribbled all over it. The quirky crocheted place mats were the runners up in my heart. Aren't they fun? My how the stash is expanding!
Also could not pass up this nifty little globe. {I realize I am totally jumping on the bandwagon as an antique globe collector. But everyone needs just one or two. They are seriously so awesome.} Now that the equator is glued back into place, we can all breathe easy and enjoy a snippet of geographical history:
Italian East Africa.
French Equatorial Africa.
According to my Wikipedia calculations, this globe must be from the late 1930s.
The globe has found its new home resting atop toy land in our living room. On a slight tangent, this cubical book shelf is my attempt to maintain order and aesthetic in the whirlwind that is the world we share with 10.5 month old Mr. G. Here's to a slightly more organized home. {Inspired by Jordan and Emily.} And last but not least, I scored this killer teal tea cup + saucer. Amazing way to usher in jelly bean season, don't you think?


bethany said...

Seriously killer finds, Jess! :) I, too, have been drooling over globes...they're so charming, and I never tire of playing that "spin and stop" game to decide where I'm going to up and move. :)

Love all your sweet little gems...the photos just make me want to take a little trip to Stillwater and hit up all the antique shops. :)

Happy Spring to you, Jeff and your sweet spring chicken! :)

Cottage Mommy said...

LOVING all of these things! And that you found them here?!!?!? We had so much fun this weekend but so wished you could have been there!