giveaway: my little dear

Good Monday morning! I'm excited to introduce this week's inspiring artist, Amanda of My Little Dear children's clothing. Amanda is a graphic designer and talented screen printer whose work is showcased in a variety of local boutiques. Lucky us, we are the first to get a sneak peak at her newest design...The owl with the pinwheel. Pinwheels are getting so hip right now, I love it. Today she is giving away one of her adorable ABC t-shirts in either size 12-18mo or 18-24mo!
To score one of these t-shirts for the little cutie in your life (or future cutie...it would make a darling baby gift!):

A. Simply leave a comment and tell me your favorite letter of the alphabet. (We're kickin' it Sesame Street style, I know.)

B. Blog/tweet/or facebook a link to this giveaway

C. Do all of the above!

Am changing it up this week and keeping comments open 'til Thursday night (4/1) at 11:59p.m. The lucky winner will be announced on Friday a.m.!!
**But you don't have to win to be lucky.
Amanda is offering FREE SHIPPING from now until the end of April to anyone who mentions this blog in the checkout on etsy! Definitely time to stock up on some springy graphic ts.

Q:A with Amanda

When did you first fall in love with handmade?
I think the first time I became interested in crafting when I was little and sitting at my grandparents farm. I was watching a Martha Stewart show(not knowing who she really was) and saw her making a craft. I remember getting really excited, and asked my grandma if we could make it. To this day, my grandma still has that craft on her fridge! (it was a jelly jar lid picture frame magnet)

How did you start your business?
I got my degree in Graphic Design from the Minneapolis Art Institute(07), and never really wanted to work in a big office, so I started making designs and learning how to screen-print. I started my etsy shop while in college for extra money and have been doing it ever since.

Describe your perfect day.
I would be sleeping in...and snuggling with my 2 yorkie dogs Ali and Emma, and
spending the day outside with family and friends.

What inspires you most?
Color! I love how color changes everything.

What advice do you have for other crafters or small business owners?
Make sure you are doing what you love. Find your own style.

Where can we find more of your work?
You can find My Little Dear in brick & mortar at:
i like you (Minneapolis)
Shoppe Local by Patina (Minneapolis)
Wholly Craft (Columbus, Ohio)
and the upcoming Craftstravaganza 5/1 in St. Paul!


Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

Those shirts are too cute! Favorite letter is D for DeeDee :)

Laura said...

These are adorable - gotta say that my favorite letter right now is U for my little guy. Although it is next to impossible to find anything with his initial on it...apparently people don't use names that start with U very often. Who knew? :)

Amanda said...

How about C? It's the letter of the week here at kindergarten, reminds me of my soon-to-be husband, and makes me hungry for cookies!

Bridget said...

i love B - for my name. and for booooring.

Sarah said...

These are adorable. I drove by the store "I like You" in NE Mpls just the other day and was very intrigued. I think the pup and I will have to venture that way again.
Also off topic this shirt would make it over to my neighbors and their adorable little girl.
And for my favorite letter I am going to give a shout out to the "L M N O Ps" because when some people sing the alphabet song it sounds like ELLLeMennOPEEEE. And that just isn't enough respect ; )

Anonymous said...

Very cute! My favorite letter of the alphabet would have to be M, for my little guy Miles.

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

Those are so cute! My favorite letter is, of course!, E... for Elijah. :)

Nikki said...

M, for my Manly husband Mike...

jennie said...

these designs are wonderful! i'm a new fan! :) my favorite letter of the alphabet...is M for my and my boyfriend's last names and for the little 'm' on our family's tabby cats' foreheads. so cute! :)

The Vegetarian Rancher said...

K. Best words start with K--kiss, kick, and Kate!

~beautyandjoy~ said...

Oh how cute! And, you know, I have never thought about what my favourite letter is - I so love them all. Maybe K? Maybe J? I have to think about it...I think I just love how they combine and make words. :)

Christine E-E said...

How about the letter "S" - it could stand for Sunset; Sunshine; Spring; Songbirds (the birds are singing outside now); Strawberries (we bought our first flat last week - absolutely "Sweet"); Sandals; and Squirt-guns (giving them for Easter). I'll be posting this link on my blog:

Chase and Melissa said...

Those shirts are so cute! My nephew would look adorable in that! My favorite letter right now is G. I'm getting married in October so I'm looking at all new monograms!

Anonymous said...

Adorable shirts! My favorite letter has always been "L". It's so curvy and fun. Besides, what other letter would have looked so cool on Laverne's sweaters?

kendra said...

The letter J because when you write it in cursive it looks like a jelly bean.

jozen said...

hmmm.. that's a hard one.. i have a lot of favorite letters.

i think it might have to be Z because no one ever likes Z!!

Leslie said...

love love love these so so much.

My favorite letter I think is P.. for all of us. :)

carissa @ lowercase letters said...

oh oh oh! i want to win!!! bad! my favorite letter is "g" for my last name.

Simply Live said...

Hmm...favorite letter? I would have to say the letter S. I love it because no matter what font or handwriting it is written in, its always beautiful.

sharonlei said...

Just came across your fabulously cute little blog today. I love it!

First, I have a joke for you...
Q: What's a pirate's favorite letter?
[person would normally answer "Rrrrrr!"], but the real answer is..
A: (in a pirate-y voice) No, It's the "C"!

Isn't it such a cute joke? Well with that said, my favorite letter is "C"... there are so many things that I love that begin with "C!": cookies, cuppies, cats, chips, clothes!, coffee, and my last name Clemons, just to name a few. :)

So please count me in.. I love to win this for my future baby!! Yay! I also posted the giveaway in my sidebar :)

xx Love & Aloha