completely jazzed:

:about my pretty, new, free makeup. (well..almost free.) it's clinique bonus time! seriously nothing better than a fresh tube of lipstick.
:about warm banana bread
:about all the sweet things you've all said about my new blog banner. it's just a simple pic of some of the craft supplies cluttering my desk right now. and as much as i hate to admit it, the paper flower is from prima...i wish i could say i made it!
:about joining formspring. it's all the rage. find it on my right side bar and ask me anything your heart desires.
:about sunny spring days
:about the ducks out our window. it's cool having a pond in your backyard. so far we've seen canadian geese, mallards, a wood duck, and a swan. no jokes. it's a total menagerie. am scheming on becoming a full-fledged birdwatcher.
:about a fridge full of groceries.
:about attending a photo workshop with lover boy this weekend. i have sky-high expectations of cramming our brains with more creative ideas+inspiration than ever.
:about g's new word: mama.
:about announcing the lucky winner of london's gorgeous yarn (brought to you by random.org):


All of the yarn is beautiful! I am currently working on knitting a maroon cable knit wrap and if I were to win this yarn I think I would use it to whip up some cable knit mug cozies, they are super fun and quick to make. Also I posted this giveaway on my blog www.everythingtrendy.blogspot.com

congrats, girl. we can't wait to see those cable knit mug cozies!
and thanks everyone who entered. don't forget to check back monday for the next batch of goodies...


Jenny said...

Yay! I'm super excited, can't wait to start knitting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jenny!

Marisa said...

i'm a bit jealous that your son says mama. :) i can't wait till my little one to finally decides to say it to me!

Cassie said...

I love so many things on your list:
banana bread yummy and I am really a secret obsessive bird watcher!